Five Rings Aerospace Consultancy specialise in designing custom conversions for corporate and special mission aircraft.  Our core business is in the area of emergency services aircraft conversions and we have extensive experience working on police, fire and ambulance aircraft throughout Australia.

Our clients include some of Australia's most respected operators and we pride ourselves on providing functional, user-friendly engineering solutions.  Everything we design is customised to best suit your requirements and we work closely with you throughout the entire design phase to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final solution.

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Police Air Wing

We have previously worked on police conversions for aircraft including AS365, EC145, EC130B4, BK117 and AS350.  We are experienced in providing reliable design solutions for:

  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible lighting conversions
  • Fast roping systems
  • Rappelling systems
  • Audio / Communications system design
  • FLIR camera installations
  • Searchlight installations
  • Workstation design and manufacture
  • Weapons mounts and stowage racks

Air Ambulance

Our engineers have extensive experience working on aero-medical aircraft conversions on both fixed wing (B200, PC-12, Lear Jet 35/36) and rotary wing aircraft (B412, AS365, BK117, EC130B4, S76, S92, AW139).  Our experience includes design, manufacture and implementation of products such as:

  • "Zero lift" stretcher loading systems
  • Stretcher bridge design and testing
  • Quick installation/removal cabin seating
  • Medical oxygen/suction system design
  • Cargo net and cargo restraint systems
  • Inhaled nitric oxide system installation
  • Neonatal system installation
  • ECMO retrieval solutions
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Surveillance / Search and Rescue Aircraft

Our surveillance aircraft conversion experience includes design and implementation of:

  • FLIR camera installations
  • Searchlight installations
  • Rescue equipment design and testing (harnesses, restraint systems)
  • Operator workstations and equipment racks
  • Stores dropping
  • Rescue stretcher installations
  • Loud hailer and public address system installations
  • Aerial survey camera installations

Corporate Jet Interior Upgrades

Our work on corporate jet interior modifications includes:

  • Cabin configuration changes
  • In-flight entertainment system installations
  • Avionics upgrades
  • Mobile phone installations
  • Audio system upgrades
  • Galley and toilet installations
  • Storage cabinets
  • Passenger tray tables
  • Interior trim upgrades