We have unique experience designing and operating unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), including remotely piloted aircraft systems, in both civilian and military domains. Our engineers have developmental and flight test experience of key UAV safety technologies including Detect and Avoid (See-and-Avoid), Automated Separation Assurance and Automated Emergency Landing. 

Whether you are a platform developer or end-user, we can apply our skills in aircraft design, safety analysis, flight testing, and certification to get your unmanned system flying safely and achieving mission success.

During our consultations, we will discuss your desired outcomes and provide advice on your technical and operational requirements to maximise the value of UAS to your business. We can develop implantation  plans and assist you to acquire the technical capability to meet your needs.

In addition to system design and operating experience, our team has a close working relationship with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). We can assist you with determining certification requirements and developing your technical and operational safety case to present to CASA.

Five Rings Aerospace is an active member of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems and our engineers are active contributors to the Australian unmanned systems community.

We are experienced in conducting a range of design and analysis activities:

  • Preparation of Flight and Maintenance Manuals
  • Conceptual design and requirements analysis
  • System Safety Assessments in (accordance with UAS 1309, SAE ARP 4754A and SAE ARP 4761)
  • System Architecture and Operational Equipment
  • Structural and Mechanical System Analysis and Development
  • Electrical, Avionics and Autopilot Systems Integration
  • Electrical Loads Analysis
  • Developmental and Certification Flight Test Programs

Type certification programs

  • Identify likely design standards, equipage requirements and applicable environmental requirements in order to propose a certification basis
  • CASA liaison to develop the applicable certification basis
  • Oversight of certification flight test programs, data reduction, analysis reports and compliance findings


  • Parts manufacture and release certificates
  • Established Production Inspection System (Quality Control)
  • Material selection
  • Manufacturing techniques and processes


Large or Small, we can get your Unmanned Aircraft flying. Photos courtesy of Silvertone UAV.